Amazing destinations for your family.

Some people thinks that safaris are only geared for adults. The truth is when you spend some days out with kids on a safari, it will create beautiful unforgettable memories. You do not have to wait until they are 16 to take them to a safari. You can open their world as early as 5. Here we will share kid-friendly destinations in the world.

i. Kenya.

Kenya provides families with flexible and variety of thing to do on a safari. You and your family can visit the national parks, conservancies or privately-run camps. Unlike national parks, conservancies don’t operate on pre-set strict guidelines. This means your days out with kids will be more fun as they will be around to go to different places of their choosing. If the boys want to horse ride and the girls want to watch the giraffes then that is what will happen and then you can all reunite after some time for a hike or something more fun.

ii. South Africa.

South Africa is an ideal safari destination especially for first timers. There are plenty of places you can visit. Sabi sands is one of the most visited place in South Africa. It has high concentrations of leopards. Apart from the wild adventures South Africa has amazing cities that will provide your family total satisfaction. Cape Town, for instance, offers activities like hiking, peninsula tours and sandboarding. A visit to South Africa will make the days out with kids the most memorable moments of their life.

iii. Zambia.

Zambia is the perfect place for more intrepid adventures. It is the perfect choice for a remote family safari. It is best suited for kids above 10 years because there is a lot of walking during the safari. Zambia offers more value to your money because it is not a commercialized tourist destination. It is a beautiful experience at a cheaper price.