Antique and Vintage Wedding Rings

Antique and Vintage Wedding Rings

The symbol of eternal love between husband and wife is a wedding ring. Generally, the antique wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger but in several countries such as Norway, Poland, Russia, and Germany it is worn on the right ring finger.

For every wedding, a wedding ring is a must. It is worn for etiquette as well as tradition. So if you are thinking to purchase a wedding ring then this site will offer you information on various wedding rings. The antique style wedding ring is the most unique type of wedding ring.

Antique and Vintage Wedding Rings

Wedding rings of antique styles are the perfect combinations of past as well as future traditions. In your new branded wedding ring you can get a quick glimpse of the past. This artistically designed wedding ring indicates both style and fashion. This is the only reason why many couples like them.

The style of the antique wedding ring is very similar to the wedding rings from the Edwardian, Victorian or Retro jewelry era. In the antique style, wedding rings various types of and precious stones such as diamond, emeralds, rubies, amethyst, and sapphires are used.

Edwardian antique style wedding ring is the most preferred antique style wedding ring. This ring is designed using diamonds in a garden pattern. It contains flower buds and tendrils of ivy in an unending circle. This Edwardian antique wedding ring symbolizes elegance. This wedding ring is available in 6.5 and 7.0 sizes. If you want them in other sizes then you have to order them earlier.

The marvelous sapphire engagement and wedding rings are the other types of antique style wedding rings. This wedding ring is made up of blue sapphire and diamond in it. When you gift this wedding ring to your love, he/she will really thank you. You have to order the ring in advance to get a perfect size fitting the person’s finger.

Even you can buy a diamond and floral wedding ring to make your wedding ring real memorabilia. About 0.19-carat diamonds are used in this wedding ring and have an h1 color and s11-s12 clarity.

Vintage wedding rings are the trend always in for its rich traditional and moral values. Greta’s importance to the wedding rings seems to increase with the vintage or ancient wedding rings. The use of the vintage wedding ring is understood as the high cultural and classic choice.

The timeless beauty of the vintage ring always appeals. But it can cost you thousands of dollars with a great investment for your future. It can be a piece of the museum or your showcase also. Symbolizing the great commitment for love, vintage rings are rare and antique in nature.

Antique and Vintage Wedding Rings

The most famous designs for the vintage rings are inspired by the Victorian and Edward era. Representing the nineteenth century, Victorian-era vintage rings are of yellow, rose gold with white cut diamond fitted in it. The use of fresh flowers along with these rings is the special of it.

While Edward vintage rings are of the twentieth-century ring made up of white gold or platinum with cut diamond or sapphire designs in it.

Special about the vintage wedding ring

  • Very attractive and beautiful designs
  • Very rich looking and unique to copy
  • Inspired by the antique pieces fount in the excavation in Asia, Europe
  • The blending of fine craftsmanship and old traditional designs
  • Use of antique metal pieces in it
  • Great ethical value
  • Use of gems, stone, and diamond
  • At least fifty years old
  • Mainly representing the rich and developed culture of ancient Roman, Greek culture
  • Use of white gold or the platinum for ring or band

Adding the extra glitter at your wedding with the vintage wedding rings will be greatly satisfactory for you. As vintage rings are very rare and valuable, taking care of them is also very important. But be confirm by the astrologer about a particular ring suit you or not according to your stars.

Antique and Vintage Wedding Rings

Engraving the vintage wedding ring will make the ring personalized for you. Carving the message, love symbol, picture or poem suiting your personal style would be perfect. It will be a unique vintage ring as well.

Thus surprise each and every guest with the mind-blowing vintage wedding ring so that they will discuss it whenever they talk about the rings.

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