Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

wedding band engraving ideas

A wedding ring or marriage band comprises of a precious metallic band, usually worn on the foot of the band finger of the left. Such a ring symbolizes matrimony: a husband puts on it to imply a marital loyalty to faithfulness.

In the period of a traditional wedding ceremony, the best man has a traditional obligation to maintain a trail of an espousing couple’s wedding band(s) and to develop them at the symbolical moment of the giving and receiving of the ring(s).

In most Western cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the left. In a select few nations, however (Such as Germany, Norway, and Chile), it is having on on the right hand. Jewish-Orthodox Christians, Hindus, East Europeans, and Hebrew* likewise wear the wedding band on the right traditionally.

Earlier medical science exposed how else the circulative body functioned, the population thought that a vein of blood coursed straight from the fourth thumb on the left to the heart. (This notion allegedly dates to the 3rd century BC in the Hellenic Republic.) Since of the hand-heart connection, populace called a putative vein descriptively vena amori, Latin for “a vein of passion”. Due to this custom, it went accepted to wear a wedding band on this thumb. By wearing bands on the fourth finger of their lefts, wedded mates symbolically announce their endless love for both other. This has at present turn into a matter of tradition and etiquette.

Engraving the wedding rings is a very ancient tradition that goes back to medieval Europe. Engraving the ring is now almost become the custom. Cherishing your romantic experience for a lifetime is possible through engraving the wedding ring.

Many vintage rings, you will find out with the attractive and mind-blowing engravings. Engraving can be done on the inner or outer side of the rings but generally, the inner side is preferable. Engraving is the sign of the status, richness or you in the society. Many times the name of the jeweler or brand is engraved in the wedding ring.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Why Engraving the Wedding Ring

  • Making the wedding ring unique with the personification of it with special message, name or pictures on it
  • For the special memory for the whole life
  • For setting the new custom in the family with engraving family name on it
  • Special designs, pictures are possible on the wedding ring with it
  • Carving your name on it, in case of vintage wedding ring
  • How to do It
  • By hand- the skilled artisans or jewelers are there who will engrave whatever you want
  • There are special machines, called graver, from the good brands for the engraving the wedding ring

Searching out the perfect artisan or the branded machine must be the priority. Keeping the ring intact is very must. Ensuring the ring will be safe. The cost of the engraving depends on the area, a message that is engraved and who is going to do the task.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Make your jewelry all the more meaningful with a personalized wedding ring engraving. Contemporary laser technologies lead to a great deal of creative flexibility such as adding text engraving or picture design (or a combo of both). From initials to meaningful dates, to fingerprints, your alternatives for ring engravings are fairly limitless. Want some inspiration? We have established the list below that includes numerous ideas and specific examples that can allow you to figure out your ideal ring engraving option.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Personal message

Of course, I love you’ is a classic reminder to the Spouse of your love for these, however, there are other creative messages that serve the same function and may be better suited to your personality.

  •     Moon of my own life, my stars, and sun
  •     Always and forever
  •     Hello handsome
  •     To be continued
  •     I adore you
  •     Place it back on


Schmoopy. Snuggle Bear. Love Muffin. Dork. Most of us have alternative conditions of endearment for our spouses.


Engrave the place coordinates (e.g. 44.9151 N, 92.9006 W) Of your specific site. Get your coordinates: Your Nasa Data’s Latitude/Longitude Finder

  •     Where you fulfilled
  •     Wedding location
  •     Your House address
  •     Location of your first date
  •     Location of your kiss

‘I Love You’ in a foreign language

Perhaps your family tree traces back into a different country or You or your spouse talk another language. No matter the case, you may use your own terminology of love in your ring engraving.

Simple and sincere, monogram both of your initials on your Rings symbolizing your bond.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Song lyrics

Perhaps you met on the dance floor of a bar or at a concert. Or, it’s the tune that absolutely captures your emotions for one another. We’ve all got a tune that reminds us of our partner or that holds special meaning for any number of factors.

  •     I’ll always love you
  •     All of me loves you all
  •     From that moment on
  •     Love will keep us together
  •     Light will guide you home
  •     All you need is love


There are so many special landmarks over the course of your Relationship and the date of any of them can be engraved on the sleeve of your own pearls. Photograph ideas: 01-11-2020, 01/11/2020, January 11, 2020

  •     Wedding date
  •     First date
  •     Date of initial kiss
  •     Engagement date
  •     Date of original’ I like you’
Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Bible Verse

The bible features many verses that talk to love and relationships. When there’s one which is especially meaningful to you, opt for engraving the respective book/chapter/verse identifier or a phrase from the verse on your rings.

  • Corinthians 13:4-8
  • Love is patient, love is kind.
  • Corinthians 13:13
  • But the greatest of these is love
  • John 4:19
  • We love because he first loved us

Sound wave image

Document any message, song or particular sound and transfer the Sound wave pattern onto your ring.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Heartbeat or EKG line image

Movie quote

It doesn’t have to become a chick flick’ but a lot of the really Great, romantic lines do come from those.

  • If you’re a bird, I’m a bird
  • I’ll never let go
  • He is the cheese to my macaroni
  • As you wish…
  • I love you. I know. To infinity and beyond

    Just like you and your partner’s love, all Fingerprints are unique.

Fingerprint image or your initials

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Logos, Icons, Symbols

Through the technology of laser image engraving, almost any Small picture can be moved onto your ring provided that it could be sourced as A digital file.

  •         Brand Emblem
  •         Superhero Logo
  •         Infinity Emblem
  •         Military Symbol
  •         Cross
  •         Emoji message

Let’s summarize…

Special Engraving Ideas for Wedding Ring

  • The name of the spouse or yours along with with the date of the wedding is very common yet famous phenomena
  • The special message from your spouse in decent or coded language to remember forever
  • The famous lines from songs or religious writing with the great message implied in it
  • The special attractive designs, pictures for the sake of fashion
  • The special symbols personal or social representing unity, faith or commitment
  • Meaningful symbols, pictures like heart, love birds
  • Or simply what you think will be the best for your wedding ring in the memory of the romantic days

The importance of engraving is when in the future you read it or watch it to memorizing your a romantic special day of the wedding. Engraving is a very personal affair with the commitment, faith, and togetherness of the bride and groom attached to it.

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