What is the Meaning of a Wedding Ring?

wedding ring meaning

Our wedding story

It all started at Jerry’s Famous Deli, where I was sitting with my “then” boyfriend who I had only known for 2 and a half months. We were eating French fries at 11 p.m. and decided that we should definitely go and get married over the weekend.

Sure I dreamed of the big wedding, the flowers, the dancing… but everything about this new plan seemed a lot more exciting. Over the next few days, we made some calls, rented a car and drove up to BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe where we eloped. On pure adrenaline, we got back to Los Angeles in record time to announce the news to our friends, roommates, and parents…(YIKES!) It was the most exciting weekend of our life.

Besides exciting… I like to call that part of my life “BROKE AS A JOKE.” My husband was working at a start-up for very little money, and I was in school… so we lived off school loans and lots of credit cards. We picked our original wedding rings at a flea market 10 minutes before we met the “minister” at one of the viewpoints in Tahoe where he performed a 10-minute ceremony that united us for life.

The rings were TOE rings and we knew that by the time winter rolled around we would stop wearing flip flops and would need to change our toe rings to real rings. We searched and searched for rings that were classy, beautiful and WELL below market price given our financial state. To our dismay, everything was too high. It took us some time, but eventually, we saved up enough to buy a nice set of beautiful and simple wedding bands.

9 years later… and a stay at home mom of two plus one on the way. And today I think

What is the meaning of a wedding ring?

What is the Meaning of a Wedding Ring?

Ring Symbolism. The promise of love and fidelity

1. ____. Today you bring a gorgeous ring for____ as a symbol of the love and promises you’ll make here now. The ring has been a symbol of many things to a lot of men and women. To begin with, the ring is created of a material that will never tarnish, representing your love as it is today will stay forever untarnished. The ring is created also in a perfect circle; it has no end, signifying your love for each other will stay forever, without end.

2. In union, rings are often traded and, be they simple or elaborate in style, the symbolism associated with them is fantastic. A wedding ring is, clearly, a universal sign to the outside world in which the wearer is committed to another. To the person, the ring provides a real reminder of their marriage union and the claims which have been made. The rings you bring here today are, in various ways, representative of the very nature of love and marriage. Made in a circle, their design informs us that love shouldn’t return to an end; it should always be continuous. The rings will not always shine as brightly as they do now. Like the marriage relationship, they are subject to the wear and tear of daily life. From time to time they need to be cleaned and polished up, just as from time to time the marriage connection must be refreshed and renewed. ____ and ____, as you swap these rings today, be conscious that in your life together you will undergo many cycles, this is merely the start of a very long journey. As you go through numerous cycles, this is only the start of a very long journey. As you go through life together, remember that your love for each other and commitments to one another are never-ending, they are precious and rare and will sustain you throughout the trip ahead.

3. Your wedding rings are most special because they state that in your uniqueness you’ve chosen to be admired, to enable the existence of another human being to improve who you are. Your rings carry the powerful double message: We are individuals and yet we belong; we are not alone. Since you wear them through the years, they will reflect not just who you are but also the marriage you’re making, the fact that through the remainder of lives, all you will be complimented from another, yet as yourself stay. Wear these earrings as an indication of this love sparked between you, the love affair, which your hearts Celebrate along with your words say.

4. The vows that have been exchanged by ____ and ____ are offered in our existence. But words are fleeting, and the sound of these will probably go. Without beginning or end along with no point of weakness, these rings serve to remind us of their connection ____ and ____ have with one another. These rings are symbols of their vows as well as the enduring love they have for one another.

5. The acceptance and giving of wedding rings is also a significant and significant emblem of the wedding ritual. ___ and ___, if you put your rings on each other’s finger now your rings will become ever-present symbols of your mutual love and the vows you’ve made to each other.

6. In the earliest of times, the circle has been a symbol of completeness, a symbol of committed love. An unbroken and never-ending circle symbolizes a commitment of love that’s also never-ending. As often as you look at this symbol, I expect you will be reminded of the commitment to love each other, which you have made here today.

7. Although the ring is small in size it’s very large in importance. It is made of precious metal, and that informs us that love is neither cheap nor common, but indeed love is very valuable and very dear. Its design is in a circle and its layout tells us that love must never come to a conclusion. It is you that must maintain love constant weather apart for only a minute. When you wear these earrings, may they be a continuous reminder of the love you share as well as the promises you’re making here today?

8. In ancient times it was believed that the vein in the 4th finger of your left-hand leads directly to your heart. Therefore by surrounding this finger, your heart is forever touched by the one who loves you. The ring with no beginning and no end represents the eternal love that you both will share from that day forward.

9. They are symbols of the friendship, love, and faithfulness you will share. As groups, they don’t have any beginning or end. They’re round like the sun, moon, and earth.

10. ___ and ___, you’re now holding the hands of your own beloved. Most of us know the gesture which you are now making. To reach out to somebody and be confessed, held and loved is what we want. Taking the hand of the one who loves you is your sign of the unspoken bond. Your hands are also the part of you which you use the most. Every day you look down at your hands as they perform their job and this is also the reason we wear a token of our marriage vows there. Each and every day, as you look down, you will notice a brief flash of light, a sparkle, since the ring put on your finger today will shine. It’ll remind you, over and over, over and above, of your promise for your loved one. Every single time you take the hands of each other, you may think a wedding ring in your partner’s hand and you may both be educated again in turn. It is going to always be with you, observable, worn openly and with pride.

11. On your wedding day, the rings that you are exchanging are what you may take with you.

12. These rings are symbols of love that joins you, soul, to the soul. They represent the oneness, renewal and eternity inherent in the marriage union. May these rings serve you and people who see them upon your fingers as reminders of those vows you have made here now.

13. Made from metals drawn from deep inside the earth, can these earrings remind you that your love, also, must be drawn from deep within you. Bright like the sun, may these rings remind you your love is meant to illuminate your lives. Round like arms that they embrace, can these rings remind you that human love is a gift to this world.

14. You’ve both chosen to wear rings as a reminder of the promises you’re making now. But these rings did have a start. The stones had been formed a long time ago deep inside the earth. Eventually, a set of blessed events attracted them to the surface where somebody dug them up. The alloy was then liquefied in a furnace of a thousand degrees — molded, cooled, and painstakingly polished. Something beautiful was made from raw components. Love is like that. It comes from humble beginnings, and via a combination of serendipity and attempt, imperfect beings form it into something extraordinary. It is the process of making something amazing where there was nothing at all. As you look at these rings through the years, I hope that you recall that you have created something valuable, and only as I know you’ll protect these rings, I am confident you will also shield the commitments you’ve made to each other today.


It’s a seal of the vows ____ and ___ will cause one another. We ask God’s blessing on those rings which ___ and ___, who provide them, and that use them, may ever abide in God’s peace.

What is the Meaning of a Wedding Ring?

The meaning of a wedding ring. Conclusions

So wedding rings are significant to couples intending to wed. Many couples invest large amounts of time at the selection of rings.

They say the bride and groom usually give each other rings in the form of a circle, signifying that they hope that their love will soon be without end.

On the amount of culture, a marriage ring’s significance probably would be found in the message it conveys a person already is married and dedicated to a person. That message is accurate.

The premise is that by wearing a wedding ring, people acknowledge their marital commitment publicly and in a continual manner.

The words of this church’s wedding rite:

Therefore, the ring that’s given is a sign of the love and fidelity of the person who provides it. “The ring that you wear, that has been set on your finger on your partner on your wedding day, doesn’t represent your commitment to your marriage, your passion for your partner, your faithfulness. … It represents the commitment, love, and faithfulness of your partner to you.”

For Catholics, the moment of the marriage is the exchange of consent as well as the talking of the vows. The ring is a sign of the union that has taken place.

After being blessed during the wedding are exchanged with the term, “Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

What is the Meaning of a Wedding Ring?

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