How to Sell Your Wedding Ring

sell wedding ring

The Best Options You Need to Know

Things to do with the engagement ring and a wedding ring following the divorce.

If the ring is sitting in a drawer, the rear of the cupboard, or even a jewelry box, collecting dust and dispersing bad vitality, what do you really do with it?

A couple of thoughts:

Divides the diamond into a different piece of jewelry — such as a necklace pendant or right-handed ring. However, let’s get real: It is still the exact same diamond, with exactly the very same memories.

Keep it to contribute to your kids (do they really need to put on a ring out of a marriage that ended in divorce??)

I believed to the number of folks I know who’d employed wedding rings leftover from unions who had ended in divorce.

A few of those stones were remarkable — much costlier than the young couple might have afforded on their own.

It always struck me bad karma to begin a life with a token out of the other couple’s less-than-ideal narrative.

I’m a big, big believer that things possess electricity. Whether material possessions really absorb and keep energy out of the people and adventures about them, or whether it’s your memories and feelings that provide the thing influence on you, I am not sure.

However, if your walls are lined with images of family members that you disdain, this is bad mojo.

That token out of a holiday where you fought with your BFF is a reminder of sour occasions — maybe not margaritas on the shore.

Should you surround yourself with items that remind one of their connection where you’re attempting to begin afresh, well, alter up that.

Wedding rings are extremely Personal things, which are often seen as a sign of love, union, and fire. However, not all relationships continue, and not all rings are intended to be kept indefinitely. If you have experienced a divorce, then you may want to sell your wedding ring for a way to create some extra money. Or, in the case of a broken engagement, many spouses choose to market their engagement rings following the few breaks up before committing to the “big step.”

How to Sell Your Wedding Ring

Where Can I Sell My Ring

There are many establishments that can assist you to sell your wedding ring, engagement ring or diamonds. Traditionally, most ring buyers used to fall into one of five categories:

  •     In-person auctions
  •     Online auctions
  •     Pawnbrokers
  •     Local jewelry stores
  •     Jewelry chains

1. Pawn Shop

A good deal of individuals thinks about pawn stores first, only because they know they will get fast money. This is why that is not the best thought: pawn stores are not educated in diamond and precious stone worth. They will not have the ability to appraise the real worth of your ring so that they won’t have the ability to supply you with the very best offer. Additionally, it is their job to get your things in a manner that guarantees a gain for them. Pawnshops will need to get items at a price low enough to reevaluate their particular low, pay price.

2. Auction

Online auctions are very popular for selling jewelry. Auctions are hassle-free since the auctioneer is going to do the job in selling the thing for your benefit. However, auctions might be time-consuming. In addition, they, exactly like pawn shops, will not guarantee that the very best deal for the ring.

Many auctions have low reservations or even no books. This implies that if a purchaser bids at a very low price, the vendor can’t deny the bid. In the event the auctioneer begins bidding low, and also you do not get a lot of bids, then you wind up getting the brief end of the pole. At the conclusion of the day, you do not understand what you will be walking off with.

3. eBay

1 drawback, however, is that the absence of physical existence. An image of a ring surely does not do it justice and is not sufficient to rationalize a high price tag. If you wind up pricing your ring too large, maybe it does not sell.

4. Craigslist

Let us say the obvious here no one wishes to fulfill the Craigslist Killer. There is a massive risk in regards to selling valuables to strangers via classified advertisements. Security first.

5. Professional Diamond Buyer

This is your very best bet when it comes to promoting your jewelry, for a couple of reasons. To begin with, professional jewelry buyers are educated in jewelry worth and value. Be aware that not all of the jewelry shops are certified to get jewelry. Start looking for areas with credentials. GIA Graduate Gemologists have very prestigious credentials from the market, in addition to extensive knowledge of diamonds and stones. These are those who are going to have the ability to pick up on the precious qualities of your ring and supply you with the best bargain.

Most reputable jewelry buyers are bonded and insured, using a secure and safe purchasing procedure. When selling to an expert purchaser, you will often receive a cash offer within only a couple of days.

These options, with a few services gaining more fame than others. Many in-person auctions will merely include incredibly rare and precious diamonds, while online auctions may leave you with no wedding ring and a smaller payout compared to your item worth. Pawnbrokers are known to pay very little for rings, and local jewelry shops have a reputation for treating one customer quite differently from the next.

Jewelry chains, naturally, are big corporations with a focus just on their bottom line–not on customer satisfaction. Thankfully, today’s consumer has a sixth option, with exceptional guarantees and a business model that is equipped to cover more for rings compared to conventional alternatives.

How to Sell Your Wedding Ring

Why Choose an Online Diamond Buyer?

Whether or not your wedding ring Contains diamonds, there’s a fast and efficient alternative to the aforementioned options: an online jewelry and diamond purchaser. Some internet jewelry buyers have carved out a reputation for great customer service and competitive offers for wedding rings. While some online jewelry buyers are actually just another auction site, the best buyers use GIA-educated appraisers that will earn a professional evaluation of your wedding ring and give you a fair market price.

How Does it Work?

It can be intimidating selling Something valuable online, such as your wedding ring or your engagement ring. The most reliable online jewelry buyers supply you with a simple process to follow, and helpful customer support if you have queries. Here’s how to sell your wedding ring:

Fill out the buyer’s online form, which typically asks for a minimum of information (such as name and address) to keep the process streamlined. Utilizing this information, the purchaser will send you an”Evaluation Kit” containing packaging materials, a guide for determining your ring’s worth, and a prepaid FedEx label.

Employing the materials furnished by the purchaser, package and send in your items for appraisal. Whether this step worries you, check the insurance coverage offered by the buyer.     When your wedding ring was assessed, a business representative will contact you with your supply details. This is a superb opportunity to learn more about your product, and also the agent ought to be able to answer any questions you have. Accept your offer, and the purchaser will deposit your payment into your account–usually within 24 hours. (Note: If your buyer is a major nationally-recognized jewelry buyer  they’ll not have any difficulty sending your things back if you decline your offer.)

Bear in mind, a wedding ring or an Engagement ring isn’t simply another piece of jewelry. It can potentially hold a Lifetime of sentimental value. However, when a marriage ends or when an involvement When that happens, your Ring can have more money value than psychological importance. When You decide to sell your wedding ring, use this guide that will help you find the ideal wedding ring buyer.

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