How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?

average cost of wedding flowers 2020

The whirlwind of enthusiasm over your engagement begins to drift off and thoughts of marriage planning and budgeting start creeping their way to your mind, you can easily find yourself defeated. Obviously, questions revolving about how much certain facets of your wedding will cost, present themselves.

One important category that brides sometimes seem to miss or, at least, very low prioritize, is that their wedding flower budget. To some brides, picking their wedding dress, wedding place, DJ, etc. . are the most exciting items to organize, whilst wedding flowers often locate themselves on the bottom of the very long to-do list of some bride.

Wedding flowers should, however, be given appropriate care and priority as they do play a vital role in the overall design, theme, and feeling of your wedding. The secret to planning the perfect wedding is developing a good budget which covers all parts of your big day. In this blog, I’ll tackle one of these aspects and outline just how much you should plan to budget for the wedding flowers.


Regrettably, there is not any hard and fast reply to this often asked wedding question because there are just so many choices and variables when it comes to your wedding flower budget… Forms of flowers, are they all in season, just how complete do you need your blossoms, just how large is your bridal party, are you going to be needing reception flowers, how about service flowers…

The list can go on and on. That said, we’ve got a couple of things to think about here. Let us delve a bit more into your choices for wedding flowers and what sort of budget you’ll need for every, seeing that these two things usually coincide together.

1 question you need to ask yourself would be, what kind of wedding flowers should I use for my big day? Every one of those categories has a different price point, together with various benefits and drawbacks. So let’s explore some of the highest wedding wineries within the search engine to date and have a close look at what is perfect for your wedding florals!

how much do flowers cost for a wedding

Just how much do fresh wedding flowers cost?

Fresh Wedding flowers would be undoubtedly the most well known and most commonly used floral solution for weddings. Their beauty is beautiful, they smell beautiful, they feel nice, and there’s no negative stigma related to them. However, they’re definitely the most expensive option out there when it comes to professionally equipped wedding florals and you do have to be mindful of what is in season.

New wedding flowers will usually need to be delivered and installed on the day of their wedding which can sometimes entail extra fees and extra stress. Additionally, it is important to be aware of just how sensitive new flowers is to warm temperatures and direct sun, which might cause them to glow.

Some brides have difficulty wrapping their heads about spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fresh flowers that will simply die a few days after.

Let us take a peek at the pricing today. Today a lovely fresh wedding flower bouquet ranges from approximately $70 to $500.

How much do silk wedding flowers cost?

Many Brides are currently turning to silk wedding flowers as an alternative to new wedding flowers. Professionally designed silk wedding flowers have a charm to brides because they are budget-friendly, do not die or wilt, aren’t subject to season seasonality maintained because a wedding keepsake, isn’t sensitive to outside elements, can be obtained everywhere, aren’t fragile, and frequently times are just as beautiful as fresh flowers.

That having been said, silk wedding flowers can sadly carry a very negative stigma of being fake or cheesy, which is enough of a motive for several brides to not even entertain the idea of using these in their own wedding.

Let’s go ahead and examine a good instance of pricing. Now you can purchase a gorgeous silk wedding fragrance for as little as 35 or as much as 220. Their lace boutonnieres range from about $6 to 13. And finally, their lace corsages are priced between $9 and $18.

How much do dried wedding flowers cost?

Dried Wedding flowers are an excellent wedding flower option which, unfortunately, most brides are totally unaware of. With professionally designed dried wedding flowers, you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll see just about all of the same benefits of silk flowers, only you won’t need to be concerned about the negative stigma associated with those being fake since dried flowers continue to be real flowers.

Dried wedding flowers are gorgeous, budget-friendly, and will not wilt or die, can be chosen out and sent out nicely before your wedding date, are not subject to seasonality, could be kept as a wedding keepsake, and are just as lovely as fresh wedding flowers.

That having been said, dried blossoms can fade over time and exposure to substantial amounts of moisture may make them droop. So, let’s take a look at just how much-dried wedding flowers will cost you. Today a lovely dried flower wedding bouquet may range from about $35 to $250.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?

Decisions: seasonal flowers

If you’re planning a fall wedding, explore the option of using seasonal flowers. Not only will they be less expensive, but they’ll also naturally fit in with the theme and general color scheme of your wedding, offering a burst of color and brightness as the sky takes on a grayer hue.


Chrysanthemums are truly a fall flower but can be found year-round from any florist. The flower comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes from daisy-like to buttons and pompons. Along with their diverse look, they also come in a range of colors like red, white, purple and the traditional yellow. The chrysanthemum’s range of style and coloring make it a good choice as filler to bouquets and ceremony flowers.


A beautiful and coveted flower coming into the season for the fall is the dahlia. Dahlias, originally from Mexico, are now found around the world in vibrant reds and yellows. Dahlias are sought after for their numerous petals and make an elegant addition to any centerpiece or ceremony pieces.


The hydrangea season creeps into fall, making it a classic choice for any wedding. The hydrangea can be found in the fall in a wide range of colors, as the color of the flower is dependent on the acidity of the soil. Hydrangeas tend to be less expensive and easy to obtain compared to other fall flowers.


The kniphofia, which originates from southern and eastern Africa, may be found at most floral shops. The kniphofia is known for its red and orange spiky-like hanging flowers that give them their nicknames red hot poker and torch lily. The kniphofia is normally used for table displays and centerpieces in fall settings.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?

Wedding Flower Budget Overview

Now We have a better comprehension of many different wedding flower alternatives and examples of the corresponding pricing, let’s get a general picture of what you will need to purchase for wedding flowers. According to a survey conducted by, the nationwide average cost of a 2016 marriage came to $35,329, using $2,534 of the being allocated to a florist/decor category.

A fantastic rule of thumb in regards to budgeting for the wedding flowers is to plan on dedicating about 8% of your overall wedding budget involving wedding flowers, such as most of the bridal party flowers, mothers’ corsages, ceremony flowers, and reception flowers. As an instance, if the entire budget for your wedding has been $10,000, you should then plan on budgeting approximately $800 to your wedding flowers or if a total wedding budget were $20,000, you need to plan on spending somewhere around $1600 on the own wedding flowers, and so on.

That being said, it’s important to not forget that while this number is a fantastic place to begin, it can be skewed according to your own personal floral flavor, how big your wedding party, the number of reception tables you’ll be needing, etc.. Even the beautiful about averages, however, is that means there’s always something cheaper out there — you might just need to search for it!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?

What to look out for?

When shopping for a wedding gown, it is important to beware of scams and deceptive pricing. When considering fresh wedding flowers, make sure to get items like delivery fees, installation fees, mileage charges, registration fees, size and contour of each floral item, etc. ironed out and offered to you before signing a contract. The final kind of surprise you need from your own florist is a surprise hidden fees.

Be sure to read over the contract carefully and search for any obscure clauses that enable your florist to no-show on your wedding day without being held liable. When contemplating silk or dried wedding flower choices, which are typically handled online, be sure to get the actual sizes of every floral bit, rather than simply going from a photograph. Some photographs aren’t scaled and consequently, floral arrangements might seem larger than they actually are.

A good florist will have the sizes summarized for you instead of attempting to mislead you using an unscaled picture. Besides, be sure to iron out shipping details and prices beforehand with your florist. You do not need any surprises there.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?

Decisions: to match wedding flowers to the season

Many couples like to match their wedding flowers to the season to incorporate natural-occurring colors, as well as to save money on their florist bill. Late summer weddings can benefit from summer and fall flowers since it’s between the two seasons. Choose the flowers that best suit your personalities, the type of wedding you’re having, and the color scheme you wish to use.

Tropical Flowers

Summer often brings thoughts of a tropical paradise, warm beaches, and gentle breezes. Incorporate that into your wedding by using tropical flowers in bright bursts of color. Birds of Paradise is a larger flower that commands attention and comes in an array of bright colors. Snapdragons are another large tropical flower that’s available in white, pinks and yellows. Another popular tropical flower choice is orchids, which come in bright colors such as orange and fuchsia.

Summer Flowers

Flowers that are found in abundance during the summer are typically still readily available at the end of the season. Consider alstroemerias, delphiniums, irises, lilies, calla lilies, gerberas, daisies, asters, dahlias, geraniums, Jacobs Ladder or Queen Anne’s lace. These flowers are available in an array of colors and thrive during the summer. The exact flower you choose will depend on the fullness of the bouquet you’re looking for, how strong of a scent you want the flowers to give off, and your preference in color choices.

Summer or Fall Flowers

Opt for flowers that thrive during the summer and fall if you’re concerned about your wedding date being too late in the summer to take advantage of summer blooms. For example, roses are available almost year-round and tend to be a classic choice for weddings as they come in almost any color imaginable. Other flowers that work for summer and fall weddings are hydrangeas, mini calla lilies, and sunflowers.


One advantage you’ve given yourself by choosing a late summer wedding date is that you can use typical summer colors or fall colors. Your flowers should ultimately complement the theme, formality, style and color scheme of your wedding. Summer wedding colors typically include bright tropical colors or soft summer pastels such as peach or pink.

Fall colors are usually deeper, darker and richer shades such as yellow, burnt orange and deep reds. Mix it up by using summer flowers in fall colors or fall flowers in summer colors. Or you can combine fall and summer flowers in fall and summer colors. For example, pastel pink roses could work with burgundy and white alstroemerias. You could also, for example, pair burnt orange roses with peach-colored roses.

Other Factors

Use your wedding venue, the location, the usual temperature, the time of day, and the length of the wedding to help you decide which flowers will work best. If you’re getting married outside, the temperature could be a huge factor determining which flowers will survive the wedding and which ones might not. Talk to your florist and ask for pictures of bouquets they’ve done for late summer weddings with the flowers you’re considering.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?


Whew, We sure have covered a great deal of advice… Glad to see you’re still with me! It’s now your responsibility to contemplate and procedure everything you heard in this site and come to some decision on what is perfect for you and your marriage. You see, each bride is unique and unique and has their own vision of their perfect wedding ought to look.

Each bride has their own fantasy. So no matter what that fantasy is, I’m convinced you can do this by selecting the right florist and simply getting creative with your options and your financial plan. All the flowers are beautiful and perfect in their own unique way to their own special bride.

Happy Planning

Now It’s time to go forth and plan! Just remember, the evening of your wedding, along with the days leading up to it, is supposed to be memorable and full of fun and joy. Try not to stress out on the small things and just really enjoy the entire procedure.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the planning process, just go somewhere quiet and allow the truth that you’re marrying that your very best friend in the whole world actually sinks. Since when it actually comes down to this, the commitment you and your hubby-to-be are just about to create to each other is what will make your marriage the happiest, most perfect day of your life — not the material things. Do not ever shed sight of that. Happy planning and thankfully!

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