Some Non-traditional Wedding Ideas For Modern Couples

nontraditional wedding ideas

Not so enthused about hosting a “traditional” wedding? You’re not the only one. Of late, we’ve been seeing more and more couples take a less common course for their pre-marriage ceremony, and genuinely – we’re totally supportive of it!

All things considered, no two couples are ever the equivalent, so it bodes well for your wedding to be similarly as remarkable as you and your accomplice. In case you’re the kind of couple looking to veer off from convention, continue reading for 6 nontraditional wedding ideas we love for a modern festival.

nontraditional wedding ideas

What is a non-traditional wedding ceremony? How do you throw a non-traditional wedding?

Make It A Surprise

On the off chance that a traditional ceremony simply isn’t your style, why not discard the formalities and host a surprise wedding instead?

Surprise weddings are a low-key, fun and unconstrained alternative that expels the entirety of the pre-wedding object. No compelling reason to worry about seating plans, practice dinners or nosy inquiries – basically get your guests together under the appearance of a commitment or birthday party, before surprising them with your pre-marriage ceremony!

Shake Up The Timeline

Who says your wedding day needs to follow a traditional timeline? Instead of the ordinary afternoon ceremony and evening reception, don’t hesitate to shake up the order of occasions to suit your very own wedding vision and inclinations!

For instance – possibly you’d like to have a morning ceremony followed by a comfortable long lunch with your friends and family. Or, maybe you’d want to kick things off with afternoon drinks before hosting your ceremony under the stars.

nontraditional wedding ideas
nontraditional wedding ceremony ideas

Pick An Unconventional Location

Your wedding setting will at last set the pace for your whole festival, so don’t be hesitant to think fresh as you begin scouting locations! Draw inspiration from your very own style and relationship to find the ideal non-traditional area.

For instance – on the off chance that you folks love everything workmanship and history, possibly an exhibition hall or display would be a definitive setting for your day. Or, if you both offer an adoration for industrial styling, why not chase for a factory or distribution center space that can be totally transformed?

Some other non-traditional wedding setting ideas we’ve seen and adored include libraries, bottling works, plant nurseries, hedge withdraws, nurseries, lawns, and equestrian stables. The choices are interminable – you may simply need to do some additional digging to reveal the ideal concealed pearl!

non traditional wedding party

Go Digital

On the off chance that traditional wedding invitations simply aren’t your style, why not settle on computerized invites and a wedding site instead?

Not just are advanced invites an extraordinary method to streamline your RSVP procedure, but on the other hand, they’re a more affordable and eco-accommodating choice, as well. Also, your wedding site is the ideal platform to impart the entirety of the important subtleties to guests and address their FAQs forthright, saving you a lot of time (and worry!) en route. You can peruse our total guide ongoing advanced with your wedding planning directly here!

non traditional wedding ceremony

Set A Unique Theme

Designing your day around a one of a kind “subject” is another incredible method to separate your wedding! Instead of the traditional round tables, white marquee and floral centerpieces, go totally fresh with a styling topic that establishes the pace for your festival.

From stylish Gatsby-inspired receptions to offbeat “Alice In Wonderland” garden parties, bring your picked topic to existence with peculiar decor, props, and signage. You could even make it a stride further and have your guests spruce up accordingly for an outfit party to recall! We’re about one of a kind wedding ideas that recount to a story – you can look at a portion of our favorite approaches to customize your wedding directly here.

Discard The White Dress

Not each lady of the hour longs for donning a traditional white dress, and that is alright! Draw inspiration from your very own style and make an interesting wedding look that feels bona fide to you – regardless of whether that implies a colorful dress, floral two-piece or sequined jumpsuit. There truly are no guidelines with regards to wedding day clothing, so center around choosing an outfit you feel amazing in, no issue how untraditional it might be.

non traditional marriage ceremony

Your Day, Your Way

One final tip: in case you’re choosing to go amiss from common wedding conventions, you may find loved ones questioning your choices. In any case, remember – this is YOUR day, so you have the inventive opportunity to do it totally your way through and through.

What’s more, sincerely? With such huge numbers of weddings to go to all through our lifetime, we think a nontraditional festival is regularly refreshing for something somewhat different!

non traditional wedding reception ideas

Can I have a wedding at an Airbnb?

Sure! Airbnb can plan your destination wedding abroad!

Real story:

I am doing my wedding at an Airbnb. I’ll attempt my best to review the procedure and what it includes so you’re well prepared to wander down this avenue.

  • I contacted about 20 airbnbs. I’d state 80% wouldn’t allow me to host my event there. The others, all had stipulations as a base stay (usually one week), an extra event fee that would be settled independently from the Airbnb site, and a different contract. The last cost of verifying the house was $3,000 for a week’s stay and afterward $1,500 for an “event fee” with extra stores (aggregate of $4,500). We marked a contract concerning the event that had its necessities such as garbage expulsion, acquiring 3 million dollar risk/event protection, going out clean, and a guest farthest point of 75 individuals.

Note: make sure there are sufficient bathrooms. Fortunately, our Airbnb used to be a reflection focus and therefore has 5 stalls for every restroom.

Note: make sure you examine stopping

  • Since you secured the venue, you will need to rent EVERYTHING. I’m discussing tables, seats, clothes, flatware, flatware, glasses, napkins, chargers, etc. This is unquestionably more do-capable if your guest list is smaller. We are hosting about 70 guests. This was about $2,500 for the rentals.
  • Where we set aside cash: giving our very own liquor. For nine 24 packs of lager, 6 instances of wine, and 14 bottles(liters) of booze, with non-alcoholic alternatives such as squeezed orange, coke, etc. We are burning through $1,800. This should keep the bar open all night. We used a distributer, suggested by our caterer.
  • Picking a caterer: make sure they’re acquainted with hosting an event without any preparation since you’re renting an Airbnb. Ours has so far been astounding, really well beyond any desires an individual can have. He visited the Airbnb with us, drew up a story plan dependent on its measurements of the primary room, and his staff incorporates authorized and insured bartenders. Sparing us that extra cost. He is likewise planning the drop-off of rentals, blossoms, and booze with those merchants.
  • A few aces of the entire undertaking (I know you’re all curious, all together, for the 70 guests with passed hors d’oeuvre during the one hour cocktail hour, a full smorgasbord with cutting station, open bar for the entire night, and the week rental it cost $18,000) is that we have the spot for a week to welcome guests as they show up, we have rooms to prepare in, and we get the chance to pass out toward the night’s end directly on location. I wouldn’t exchange doing this for an all-comprehensive venue any day. Truly, the arranging has been a LOT of work, however, I’m eager to see everything meet up in a month.

It is not easy? You need the help of a coordinator!

unconventional wedding ideas

What does a coordinator do at a wedding?

  • They help you organize what you want, book vendors, keep you on track for buying and paying for things.
  • They might help you find better deals than you would on your own… by having contacts in the business.
  • They will show you cakes, caterers and venues. They will help line up contracts for these things. They will make sure they are all in order to come a time on the big day.
  • They might help decorate if time permits. Some are more hands-on than others.
  • They should take your ideas and add their own touches.
  • They shouldn’t get carried away with their own and disregard your ideas.
  • They might also help with last-minute details for the hall, ceremony location and with you personally if needed.

Oh ps, they are typically charging 10% of your budget for their services…

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